You Think They Playing With This Power?(Triple Value Score)

The first and second parts of this focus are linked in their respective orders, here(one) and here(two).


“6. He likes the Devil because the Devil gives him nothing.

7. Why does he like the Devil?

8. Because the Devil put fear in him when he was a little boy.

9. Why does he fear, now, since he is a big man?

10. Because the Devil taught him to eat the wrong food. “


The Lessons/120, English C-1, Accredited to Master Fard Muhammad via Elijah Muhammad


The major concern with any dive into the abstract depths of the mind, is what will it do to you when you return? Who will you be upon reentry? It is very difficult to be the architect of an inner world. Even more difficult is to be that architect with the side job of developing a social psychology that can grow apace with the one that exists. Well, better put, the only social psychology, the one that we all share or avoid, but in avoidance create that aspect either of marginalized or dissident. What empowers an application like Twitter is that you have this base of conscious energy. Now, now, slow down, and read what I wrote and not what your sensei or whatever he was or is to you told you to read. “Conscious”…not “conscience,” to begin with. Aware. Presently aware. At any given moment, I can tap into the actual, current, updating, engrossing awareness of the social psychology. The worst case scenario here(and I’ll apologize for my paranoia forthrightly…put on your seat belts, though): I’m following in a particularly intimate manner a host of CIA or NSA agents who are tasked with developing a profile for an ex-prisoner with a noted and detailed history of Black nationalists activities under the auspice of Islamic organizations. The file begins with my incarceration and every time I’ve signed my name on to a ledger that claims to be there to make sure I’m accounted for, but a recorded account every affiliation I’ve had exists. To round out it a bit, why me, correct? Why anybody, really? Why not Timothy McVeigh? Why not Eric Roberts Rudolph? You know? Systems are expanded, and then studied for exact nature. Like most things in life, systems grow internally through errors and “loopholes,” “glitches,” and the unexpected.


The point of all of that,- and if I see a movie with any of those premises…just cut me in….- is to say that even in the most extreme, far-stretched imaginary, paranoid(although…hey, don’t be an idiot, idiots are no help to them Selves) situation, I’ve still got “aware” energy. I know what an FBI or CIA agent attempting to garner my trust operates like and it has a time stamp even on the messages shared with me outside of public eyes. Sure, not everybody is updating regularly, so what? I’ve got that energy that is spoken about here, that active and present, dynamic energy. It is not a movie. It is not water growing stale in a cup to the point were the water is so bored it is walking through the glass. I don’t have to watch another ball game as long as Twitter exists in its present state. And sure, that is an impossibility as well, and shown by the changes of Twitter culture already present.


I am a Twitter social architect, if Twitter was a drug, I’d have tracks in my neck from using it as such! Yes, I have a Twitter problem! But, even I am at the point where I’m looking for the next best application. Luckily, the addiction of anything creates a social grouping around that with its own culture. That has saved me once from the grips of other addictions, and now this particular form of addictive culture. I’ve stated in a comical fashion my sensitivity and possibly obsessive pet peeves regarding others and my space. At times, the weakness of an individuality is the strength. And here it is the same. I would be worthy of a padded room in the most grave manner presentable here if I thought I was the only one having these feelings, however. It might possibly be the reason that we are being force fed this ego stroke to the Black community in the form of the subtle idea of Blacks as innovators in technology capable of leading Twitter to the next great Black financial raping. The calf is indeed being fattened for the slaughter. And we are being watched for every detail of our skilled alchemist in transmuting thought into diamonds. You don’t have to worry about them missing a moment: every sentence, every onomatopoeia has been timestamped. Even if you aren’t the sophisticated suave guy on the other side of the screen, it doesn’t matter. It just means I’ve got a real time profile of how you made people react to you plus an even more valuable feature that you are indeed acting and thus a knowledge that the act can be packaged, taught, and repeated at will persists. Wash. Rinse. Dry…


(Some of you will need to see this infographic created by News One, a very bold move, but I see them tying them Selves to what they believe will be the electing of “Black People Twitter” for the next Twitter cultural paradigm. I hesitate…no, no, I’d be lying too much for even me, I have no misgivings of Blacks in technology being able to cause a stir outside of something like making Twitter or Facebook richer. The very idea that News One is suggesting Blacks leading the way via Twitter as opposed to naming a set of sites or technological ventures by Blacks is totally telling.)


“The concept of ‘Black Twitter’ actually has a history that is years-deep. We believe that the phenomenon has its roots in Black innovation β€” our cultural predilection to take tools and technology and use them in ways that even their creators never imagined possible. And while for some the Black predominance on social networks like Twitter may cause consternation β€” and to others a shrug of indifference β€” the phenomenon itself is so rich and still so present that it’s worth a bit of a recap”


– ibid;


If you think this is some new and improved take on conspiracy, first, I’d ask you what is so wrong with that, and then secondly, I’d ask you what a Lion once asked,”[Do] you think they [are] playing with this power?” If you think for too long like this, I’m afraid you’ll probably die in the lap of some prostitute in an alley having spent much of your life’s energy reliving that summer you had back in the Marine Corps. There is simply nothing in existence that speaks towards an individual not sharing power with others on some level to maintain and expand their own powers. The great predators that your Western master killers have taught us to adore move in units. Power is concentrated. Your mind is an attenuated signal due to your father playing much too much during reruns of ‘The Three Stoogies’ if you think oil is more valuable than the control or at least manipulation of a sizable portion of the collective social psychology. Barack Obama wins the election, but Jay and Kanye having you watching the throne. All of it is coincidence? Nothing here adds up and can be taken along the spiral of higher reasoning pretty directly?


In the movie,”The Social Network,” the character played by Justin Timberlake, “Shawn Parker” is written to make this statement:


“At first we lived on farms, then in towns and cities, now, we’ll all live on the internet!”


Although, I have no evidence that Shawn Parker, the living and not the immortalized, ever made statements of that nature(and no, I wouldn’t argue in his defense), the idea is all that matters to me. When was the last time you spent 40 days or 40 nights away from your addiction? How long have you spent away from your new home, the internet? What is the longest you have been able to do a righteous Twitter fast? A fast for you mind to clear it of all of the decadence and blindly informed opinions of Twitter. How long could you? Why are we so addicted to Twitter?


Well, now that they’ve got your attention craving needs whet, what is your next move? How much do you know about what they know about you? Have you developed any schemata to understand how they are measuring real-time conscious energy? Have you figured out a way to not just be the oil they are mining this time, but to build a few of your own in this new world re-ordered?


“Poems are the sperms of revolution.
We need poets to stop adding extra syrup and saccharine
to their sonnets so as to appease the pale palates of people
who have not the stomach for the truth.
We need poets to stop
masturbating away their talents into literary napkins.
We need poets to start impregnating thoughts of
Black magnolias bursting through white cement
into the minds of Raven virgin souls who without it
toil in the reproductive process of self-aversion.”


What Good Are Poems, C. Leigh Mcinnis


(Thanks, Coach…)