A Poet’s Toolkit :: 10 Poetry Prompts for Writer’s Block By B. Sharise

  • Write a haiku about a mirror. Your poem should express jealousy.
  • Write a shape poem about a skyscraper or city skyline. Your poems should express loss.
  • Write a persona poem about a candle. Your poem should express wisdom.
  • Write a list poem about your first kiss/intimate experience.
  • Write a free verse poem about a conversation between a rainbow and a pot of gold.
  • Write a four line poem about an amusement park using onomatopoeia.
  • Write a 14 line poem about the last serious relationship you were in from your ex-mate’s perspective.
  • Write a cinquain about your favorite food.
  • Write a 10 line, non-rhyming poem about the last dream you had.
  • Write a tanka about your father’s voice.

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