Aiyana Jones was Sleeping

Aiyana Jones was sleeping.

The Detroit police decided that it was appropriate to storm an apartment building in 1940’s Chicago fashion. As though they were on a military operation in Iraq, they let flash grenades go off in the house as the unit crashed into the floors of the house. They had been warned by the neighboring community that there were children inside; the neighbors pointed to the toys outside of the building as evidence. The members of the local military, in gestapo fashion, continued their onslaught with out due concern. With weapons drawn, off safety and cocked, they invaded the home where the seven year old was sleeping. As the police unit, behaving like blood thirsty gestapo hunting down Jewish residents, entered the building they encountered nervous and afraid residents. One, the father of young Aiyana Jones was told to lie down in the blood of his daughter. She had been shot in the neck. She would later die in the hospital.

What concerns us most is that a young life has been lost. In the novel, “Native Son”, we are informed of the racial and class-based raids on the apartments of the Chicago area. We are told how police would raid home by home, and floor by floor. This type of ancient custom has returned to us. And it has left a young innocent girl without breath, without a future. The father of the slain child was then forced by law officials to lay in the blood of his dying daughter. How inhumane the thought. How brutal that must have been on that man, Charles Jones. Can you possibly imagine the torture of having to lay in the blood of your dying child? To have no one defending you, no one to speak for you, no one to protect you from those sent to protect you. To have your daughter’s blood pervade your entire mental scope, and then to be force by those you pay to serve you to lie your daughter’s blood. How atrocious is that scene? How atrocious is that? But what if it were you?

The details of the capture of the 34-year old man that the unit of slave patrollers were suspicious of places the man upstairs in another unit. This shows us that the entire complex was searched and bombarded. Can you imagine the outrage if a complex of condominiums with white residents were to have been stormed looking for one suspect ended in the murder of a seven year old white child? Would it be even possible for the gunman responsible for that child’s death to be suspended with full pay? Can you imagine the media frenzy surrounding this?

It is the concern of some in the American Black community that the fault of this child’s horrific murder lies on the criminals that stayed in the home. Yet, as the above paragraph details, the home was not that of any criminal. In a land where the custom is supposed to be innocent until proven guilty, it is very frightening to know that an entire neighborhood of citizens and taxpayers will have to live under the terror of those they call “justice providers”. If this man is found not guilty, where does the blood of this young potential first woman president lie? The hopes and dreams of many impoverished communities lies on the backs of the children. Aiyana Jones will no longer be in the running.