Aiyana: “Perforation of the skull and brain”

As I read the newly released and revised autopsy of Aiyana Jones, and set up an email feed for the pre-trial hearings of Johannes Mershele(indicted in the slaying of 22-year old Oscar Grant), one question permeates my thinking, where did we go wrong? At what point did all of those movements, and all of those screams for justice, and the rallying, and even to some extent the riots, no matter how reactionary one may describe them. What happened? I’m struggling with tears as I fight my way through the wording…


FINAL DIAGNOSIS(how does one diagnose death?)…”Perforating Gunshot Wound of the Head”


“Perforation of the skull and brain”


“No bullet or bullet fragments recovered from wound tract”


Straight shot. Straight clean shot through her seven year old head.


According to Daniel J. Spitz, M.D., the forensic pathologist, “The manner of death is homicide.” Could he have said manslaughter? Would he have? I’m sorry, questions are just leaking through my fingers…


Further in the document, we read of how the evidence of the previous autosopsy had been present. “The body has previously undergone an autopsy examination and has the typical thoraco-abdominal and scalp incisions. The thoracoabdominal incision is loosely sutured. The viscera bag is recovered from teh thoracoabdominal cavity…”


So, how the fuck do you miss a gunshot wound to the head? Why does the leading attorney of the family have to remind you to look again? What kind of mothafucking mickey mouse shit is that? Regardless of the nature of the raid on the house, a child was shot. If I can possibly be objective, a human was shot, a human was examined for purposes of death, and two weeks latter we all are just finding out she was shot through the head?


“The entrance wound has an overall measurement of 3.9 x 1.9 cm…”


“The bullet perforates the scalp, right frontal bone and dure before continuing through the right frontal lobe of the brain. The bullet perforates the dura and skull base, resulting in a 3.5 x 2.5 cm defect through the right anterior and right middle cranial fossae…”


“The bullet continues inferiorly through the soft tissues of the neck…”


“The bullet exits the anterior surface of the neck directly in the midline…”


“The gunshot wound results in galeal and subgaleal hemorrhage involving the right frontal, aright temporal, and right parietal scalp, with predominant involvment of the frontal scalp.”


“Small areas of hemorrhage involve the medial aspect of the left frontal scalp.”


“A small, laceration is on the right side of the forehead immediately lateral to the entrance gunshot wound.”


So, (and correct me if I’m wrong, those of you who may know better), the bullet enters her head, ruptures through her skull, begins to slow down in trajectory while exiting through the neck, right under Aiyana’s chin. I simply question how the police, because the chief spoke about the incident, the officer had to file a report(I hope they file reports in Detroit). How did that get away? What would such an exclusion deter? What are we as citizens to infer from the exclusion?