Creation Caters To Creators

I have been working on polishing my portfolio over at the J. Farand site. As I have been going over design details and copy, I considered my position and roles I have played over the years. Primarily, my role in marketing, promoting and amplifying others via Twitter. It is not a very well rewarded or honored task, it is very much like being on special teams in organized football.


I do not kid my Self about reward and prestige. This world does not operate on “likes” that do not perform any tangible magic spells. I am not an artist, I am a designer. I communicate using visual mediums and symbols for objectives that can be felt, folded, and pay a fee. Framing this notion more succinctly: I give audiences what they want out of what I have, and I have what audiences want, because I enjoy making that particular thing. In this way, I do not chase money, or even pander for approval, but I also do not go broke for some moral obligation to work no one likes other than my Self.


I think it is often necessary to remind my Self that it is quite human to enjoy fruits of my labor. Work should not be reduced to some sacrifice that causes you to martyr your well-being every day. There is no moral conjunction in suicide for just to prove you can kill your Self. Maybe when I was younger, producing work for others at low cap offs was understandable, but not today.


And I would highly suggest that anyone reading this not torture their selves in some cult of art that cannot sustain its creator. There are not many precepts I am willing to say for sure about Life and Nature, but it damn sure seems as though Life enjoys Living. Creation rewards Creators by extending them as long as possible with some of its own value.