Time Is Not As Long As We Think

There are a ton of things a person could write about turning 45 on that clock of years one has spent foraging this spinning fireball covered in water and rock.

OWL share with YOU 3…

ONE) You’re Going To Have Regrets, Live With Them

I have heard people suggest that age makes you regret things you did not do. My experience is that you will regret things you did just as much as what you did not do. Regret is a function of imagination and if you have a healthy enough imagination, every scenario you have ever encountered will be remixed in that mental studio of yours.

Get used to it.

Do not let it become a drag. Learn to be appreciative of what you actually did do, and whatever occurred afterwards, good or bad, be grateful for those lessons and experiences.

TWO) Love Harder.

First off, Love should be a two way street, or we should not consider it “Love”.

However, whatever other rules we have, our next rule should be to spread it as far as we can.

Mean world syndrome or not, Earth is a really rough place. You’re going to need allies.

Family– and friends so close they prove that water can be thicker than blood– are more valuable than most business connects.

We do not win by getting over, we win by empowering our people to feel free to be empowered.

THREE) 50 years not a long time.

To somebody in they 20s, Life still feels like a motion blur(and it still feels like that at 45 most days), but you can cover a lot of ground in one Lifetime, and still not really get anywhere.

I’m almost half a century years on this earth. I can understand a Lifetime better than a “generation”. 50 years is NOT a lot of time. MOST of us will not have accomplished what we sought out to accomplish in that time. But we can still accomplish what seems like an immense amount of work.

When I was a toddler, HipHop was a nationally burgeoning sound, USA was meddling with Middle Eastern sovereignty, usa was in a cold war with Russia(USSR), and usa was selling propaganda about China’s economic prowess. That’s 40 years ago…how much has really changed???